Catherine Pearce

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The blessings in life come through serving and knowing that you're connected to something bigger than yourself. I have always longed to serve the church. I remember in 2nd grade raising my hand to tell my teacher, Sr. Clarence, that I feel called to be a priest. I recall her looking sternly at me. But even after initially receiving such a negative reaction, my desire has never left me. While I have worked tirelessly to serve the church as a layperson in music, pastoral and teaching ministries, I long to celebrate the sacraments. To anoint the sick or to welcome newly married husbands and wives into a family of faith, is a deep desire I long to share. I’ve recently received a Masters in Theology at Notre Dame sharing classes with MDiv candidates. I enjoyed their friendly banter and easy conversations, but I secretly was envious that as men they could seek ordination. I am grateful for my opportunities to seek higher education and perform pastoral duties in the church, but there is a closed window that fully mutes females from ordination even though the call and desire is blaring at full volume.
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