Elizabeth-Anne Stewart


Though, over the decades, I have enjoyed many professional roles from college professor to photographer, from writing coach to ArgentineTango instructor, the one constant has been Ministry. Since my arrival in the States on the Feast of the Epiphany 1974, Ministry has been my life – my passion, my purpose, my calling. A rigorous course of self-study accompanied by liturgical involvement at the parish level was my starting point; then came more ways I integrated education into my work with Scripture, Teaching, Writing, Research, Faith program formation, Spiritual Direction and more. My deepest desire, however, is to serve my faith community, wherever God calls me. At times, I have had to shake the dust from my sandals and move on; at times, I have been pushed out the door. I am no stranger to tears, nor to misogyny, but, through God’s grace (or my stubbornness), I am resilient: I am not only ready to serve as Deacon when the time comes, but also to assist with designing formation programs that build on women’s unique gifts and experiences. May that day come soon!
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