Elizabeth R. "Betty" Warner

Camden, NJ

My understanding of my answer to the "call" as a Catholic Woman Deacon has more to do with a sense of aromatic attraction than of hearing. Throughout my sixteen years of Catholic education, and then helping with liturgy and special Masses and with religious education at my parish, and serving the past 20 years as a Lector and Eucharistic minister, I have enjoyed "breathing in" the work of the Church. For almost 15 years now as a Certified Catholic Chaplain, 12 years as a Hospice Chaplain, I have in words from Pope Francis "smelled like the sheep." My full-time ministry is in practice doing the work of the deacon. My work with the dying and their loved ones and the health professionals who care for them is a blessing, which would be further blessed by ordination as a deacon. Although at almost-65, I may have aged out of any/every diaconate program, I look for graces to encourage younger women to "follow their noses," and to minister where their feet are at every moment.
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