Judith A. Cox

Fort Wayne South Bend, IN

Since I finished my degree at U of St Francis In Fort Wayne 10 years ago, I have been very frustrated with the Catholic Church being last to become inclusive especially of women in the priesthood. I have many friends in Roman Catholic Women priests. The desperate situation that our church finds itself in to be unable to serve the faithful is unacceptable. I did not choose to become RCWP because I agree with FR Richard Rohr that as Jesus did, we must "hold the tension" and stay within. So therefore, I would certainly be willing to at least become a deacon within. I have been stated as "a scandal" in my parish because I wrote letters to the editor in our local newspaper on the need for women in the priesthood and on the fact that most Catholic married couples use some form of birth control and should be responsible for and to the children they have. A parishioner took offense and reported me to the pastor who took me out of Eucharistic Ministry and any other parish activity and labeled me "a scandal". The bishop of course sided with the pastor. This was a pastor who had known me for 40 years and knew how I felt about all of this. I did not hide what I wrote but gave him all the letters. This gives me incentive to become all I can become in an inclusive Catholic Church.
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