Karin Heller

"I discerned a call to be a deaconess in the wake of the Second Vatican Council ... Inter Insigniores closed the door ... I became a Catholic theologian holding three doctorates (Lateran University, Rome; Sorbonne University, Paris; Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany). I presented my first dissertation at the John Paul II Institute on Studies for Marriage and the Family in Rome. I was always well received, but could never embrace certain ideologies. In Paris I was involved for decades in the implementation of the Sunday liturgies in Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger's former parish, Sainte Jeanne de Chantal. I've published on this experience (also in English). The unity of Scripture, Spiritual Life and the Sunday liturgy meant so much to me! In spite of the decades passing by I always saw in the Catholic Church my personal and theological home. Whitworth University hired me in 2003. Now I work and live among Protestants. From time to time I preach for them in the chapel. The Jesuits of St. Aloyisus Parish, Spokane, WA, asked me to preach at all four masses on First Advent Sunday last year. It was an uplifting experience. I think I continue to carry in my heart a vocation to the diaconate."
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