Lee McCoy

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"I consider myself to be an anam cara, a Gaelic word for a “soul friend.” As a lifelong Catholic, my faith has always been a grounding and nurturing place. As I matured in my relationship to the Church, I felt called to explore it more deeply. In my thirties, questions about faith and spirituality led me to a post-graduate certificate in theology. In my forties, I completed an M.A. in Pastoral Counselling to enhance my work as a college professor. Now in my fifties, I am completing a Doctorate in Ministry with a focus on Celtic Spirituality. Over the past 35 years, I have held a variety of positions both at the church and diocesan level: Lector, Extraordinary Minister, Adult Faith Chair, Children’s Liturgy Coordinator and Teacher, Pastoral Council Member. Last year, as a pre-retirement project, I developed a spiritual journaling workshop program called SoulWRITE. This program melded the skills developed over 30 years as a college writing professor/coordinator with my education and research in Celtic Spirituality. During my career, I’ve developed curriculum, taught classes, counselled and motivated students, and trained new faculty. Although now retired, I know I still have a contribution to make, and I think the church can use my skill-set. We desperately need pastoral leaders who can use creativity to reach people of all ages, walk with them through their life changes, present ideas in ways that resonate, and listen and respond to the questions and concerns of the soul. I would love to continue to contribute to my church in the role of a deacon. I feel a deep yearning that I recognize as my soul’s calling to step out in faith to see where this next part of the journey will lead."
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