N Diana Prince

Nelson, British Columbia

For many years I have considered being a deacon. Over these years I have obtained and received many diplomas and degrees relevant to this and have prayed many times, "Here I am Lord, I come to do your will." Of course, in praying this I know full well that the call is from God and that I have answered yes to it - but because of the system have not been able to do it - as the Holy Spirit has basically been ignored in this aspect of Church - at least until this day - perhaps. But God is merciful and has given me the gifts to go forth and be an adult educator within the Church. I have, as such, used this vehicle to educate others in the value of women leadership. I have been well received - by the women and some of the men, but of course, there is a hard core group that resists. Never mind, I say to myself - go forth and proclaim the Gospel of Christ - equality, inclusivity, and abundance. I am too old now to study to become a deacon if the current age range is maintained when women are allowed to enter the study, but that doesn't stop me from working toward it. I pray for all those in discernment now and especially the Pope and the committee that the promptings of the Holy Spirit are recognized and acted upon and I look forward to seeing this goal realized.
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