Phoebe Tremain

Austin, TX

" I have been keeping journals since 1999 and when I finally read over all of them in 2013, I was amazed at how prominent spirituality is mentioned in them. Whether in harmony or in struggle, my ongoing relationship with the Holy Spirit has been a primary focus of my life. Only after finally discovering this pattern did I finally decide to go where the Spirit leads me. For four years now, that has meant studying, volunteering, ministry, spiritual direction, and employment in my diocese. The next step may very well be a masters of theology. When the head of adult faith formation in my parish said she thinks that I'm being called, it felt like I had been walking around punched in the stomach all this time and she had un-punched me. For another person, especially one I hold in high esteem, to acknowledge the call is incredibly validating and encouraging. Discerning is much easier with a community, and I wonder if this discernment will put me on the other side of the altar during the preparation of gifts for Holy Communion. Frankly I don't know yet whether this call is for the diaconate, though the serendipitous proposition of women deacons couldn't have come at a more appropriate time in my path."
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