Severing Deneulin

Clifton, United Kingdom

"For more than 25 years, I have been trying to answer a call and find my place as a woman in the Catholic Church in a ministry of service for the marginalized and where being a man or woman did not make a difference. I chose to become an academic and work on issues of poverty and inequality and global development. After giving up trying to find a fit with a religious community and institute of consecrated life, and not feeling called to celibacy either, I came across a few years ago on a book on the diaconate published when the Church of England voted to ordain women deacons. Immediately it clicked: the service of the Word, of the altar, and the poor. When I read these words, I said to myself 'yes, this is it'. Since then, I am trying to deepen every day what it means to be a priest, to conform one's life to Christ and teach, heal, nourish, lead, and serve the People of God."
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