Shelley Goodale

San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose

I am a passionate lay leader and pastoral associate animated by my faith and the joy of the Gospel in launching creative ministry programs, fostering lively community building opportunities, and launching faith focused retreats and workshops. Prior to pursuing my graduate degree in Pastoral Ministries at Santa Clara University, I was employed as the Director of Community Life and Disciple Formation at St. Dominic’s Church in San Francisco. Right now, as I approach graduation, I am discerning next steps on my vocational path. How can I, as a woman, become more fully alive in the life of the Church and how can I serve the People of God in the most impactful way? My current calling is to contribute my pastoral and professional competencies to maximize evangelization and team oriented collaborative missions and programs. My future aspirations are to continue this calling and passion for empowering the laity and expanding the roles of women in church leadership. My passion for ministry is matched only by my love for God and neighbor, so my decision to specialize in pastoral ministry comes from a deep place in my heart and soul. In the last several months, God has placed in me a strong desire to be ordained to the deaconate for future ministry and service. I feel abundantly blessed and honored to join these 100 women, in solemn solidarity, who feel called to the diaconate. We will surely be partners in ministry as we all embark upon these new vocational adventures. This is where we, as women of wisdom, would make the greatest impact in service to the Church and the People of God. I am looking forward to God’s response to the upcoming possibility of a Papal announcement empowering the laity by empowering women to be ordained as deacons in the Church. I continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide Pope Francis, the Church, and for all of us as we continue to discern God's call and direction.
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