Tammy Barnett

Most Holy Trinity

I am a convert from the United Methodist tradition. I grew up memorizing Bible verses and singing about Jesus . I knew early on that I had a special relationship with God. When I married, I converted to Catholicism out of ignorance and pride, feeling that I could be a Christian in any church. I learned pretty quickly that my faith was shallow, and I was missing a deeper, more abiding faith that comes from knowing that I am in the true Body of Christ as part of the Church. I have gifts! The Holy Spirit nudges me ever forward in ministry as I taught every grade of faith formation, finally teaching sacramental preparation. I wanted to know so much more that I earned a graduate degree in Theology from the Franciscan University. I wanted to be able to answer young people's questions about their faith. I want to do more. The Holy Spirit compels me to push open new doors and share my faith with more people. I love the Lord above all things, and I want to serve Him by serving others. Pacem Tuam
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