Anne Hayes

Portland, OR

"When I was a child, I was privileged to be the recipient of my mom's courageous leadership in our parish community. As I witnessed her deliver Eucharist to shut-ins, serve on our parish council, lead a Renew group, and participate in Just Faith, I noticed a desire arise within myself to serve in a similar way. Throughout my young adult years, I was privileged to lead retreats, serve as a small faith-sharing group leader, and administer Holy Eucharist. These experiences, combined with my recent training in the art of spiritual direction, have all rung a bell deep in my core, and the reverberations of that sweet sound continue to empower and guide me today. Whenever I serve others in a ministerial setting, a change occurs within me and I feel my soul come alive. I become the best version of myself- the version I believe God created me to be. I desire to have an even greater pastoral presence in the Church and for my heart to be opened in ways that only deacons can experience. I long to walk with others on their faith journeys and give myself over to God in this role."
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