Jeanne Keating

Venice formerly Archdiocese of San Francisco, Diocese of Oakland and Monterey

While serving as Pastoral Associate and Director of Family Faith Formation at St. Angela's Church in Pacific Grove (Diocese of Monterey) I had the opportunity to deliver homilies, which I loved, and to prepare families for infant Baptism. It was in this regard that I felt the pangs of my limitations. Having journeyed with families preparing for Baptism, I would stand in the background as the child was Baptized wishing I could have brought to life the beauty of the words such as, this child of yours has been enlightened by Christ. It was moments like that I felt the call to be a deacon. I am too old now to see this happening but I hope and pray welcoming women to the deaconate will be a legacy of Pope Francis. There is no reason to delay bringing these gifts to the Church.
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